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Panoramic Aerial Photography

We work with a number of businesses in the construction and development industry to capture high quality aerial video and photography including 360┬░ panoramic aerial photography, HD photography, 3D mapping, surveys and inspections using our specially designed drones when required.

Range of plant hire in Ballyclare
Drone shot of warehouse construction
Drone shot of construction workers tarmacing carpark

Experienced team

Using our specially designed drones we are uniquely placed to provide a complete aerial solution to meet even the toughest of client requirements.

We treat all jobs with the same professional standard whether it is a one off visit or continuous progress photography. From initial site investigation right through to final completion we can photograph or video your entire construction or building project for residential or commercial developments.

  • Reduce the need for expensive cranes or scaffolding

  • View areas that are not usually reachable

  • Provide photographic evidence for required work

  • Help identify potential problems

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Views areas of interest that normal ground surveys cannot reach

  • Aerial archaeological surveys

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